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Hi Ladies!

I hope that you are enjoying the start to your Summer with family and friends!

The 2018 TCD Fall Tournament is scheduled for Thursday, August 30th. Registration is now open.

Please note the following things:

1. There are NO refunds: the only refund given is for those who accidentally register twice for the tournament using PayPal. Make sure that when you register via PayPal - you print off the receipt that is sent to you. If you do not receive the receipt - chances are you did not register correctly.

2. The registration gift is the t-shirts that many of you are familiar with. Make sure that when registering (either online or mail) that you pick both you and your partner's size. DO NOT GUESS at your partner's size. Once the sizes are picked - that is it. Getting these shirts ordered and organized is a process. Make sure you pay attention when selecting the sizes. If you have a change of partner between the time your register and the time of the tournament - your new partner will receive the shirt size that was ordered for your original partner.

3. If you are unwilling to drive/play at a certain location - this may not be the tournament for you. Several factors come into play when setting the teams at locations and as much as I would like to say I have the ability to please all of you - I don't and I am truly sorry that I can't. Please make sure that you set aside some extra driving time for the morning of the tournament.

4. As I have asked the last 3 tournaments: please register in the level that you just finished playing. I am aware that teams who won their flight are changing levels and I will handle that side of it. My suggestion is: register early to make sure that you are guaranteed a spot!! The same goes for teams playing Placement Matches to move to another level. I will know who the teams are and where they will be placed once they are finished. For the teams new to TCD who are playing in Placement Matches - please email me for instructions on how to proceed if you have questions.

5. If you see that your level has "closed" - DO NOT pick another level and register there. I will see it and move you to the WL. Fill out the mail-in registration form and send it to me please.

6. To play in this tournament - you and your partner MUST BE on an active TCD roster. Do not register without a partner. Please email me for instructions on how to proceed. If you and the partner that you are registering to play with - play at different levels - YOU MUST play at the higher level. EX: one plays level 10 and the other plays level 7 - you register in level 7.

Registration will close online July 25th. Mail-in registrations will not be accepted after the July 25th post-mark date.

As always I will do my absolute best to do everything I can to make this an enjoyable event for all of you! I appreciate all of you and I thank each of your for your continued support of TCD!!

Stay hydrated!

My Best Always -
Shannon Caruthers
TCD Tournament Director