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Match ResultsAH
Date: 04/11/19
Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips @ McKinney Mid-Court Crisis62
McKinney #lovetennis @ Thorntree Smart Aces54
Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs @ ATC The Fair Ladies72
Greenhill Alley Gators @ Seay Seaying Double36
Prestonwood N2-Win @ Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters73
Date: 04/04/19
Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters @ McKinney Mid-Court Crisis36
McKinney #lovetennis @ Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs36
Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips @ Seay Seaying Double62
Prestonwood N2-Win @ Thorntree Smart Aces81
Greenhill Alley Gators @ ATC The Fair Ladies45
Date: 03/28/19
ATC The Fair Ladies @ McKinney #lovetennis27
McKinney Mid-Court Crisis @ Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs65
Seay Seaying Double @ Prestonwood N2-Win73
Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters @ Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips27
Thorntree Smart Aces @ Greenhill Alley Gators27
Date: 03/21/19
ATC The Fair Ladies @ Prestonwood N2-Win37
Thorntree Smart Aces @ Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips08
McKinney #lovetennis @ McKinney Mid-Court Crisis56
Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs @ Greenhill Alley Gators47
Seay Seaying Double @ Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters81
Date: 03/07/19
McKinney Mid-Court Crisis @ Seay Seaying Double54
Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters @ Thorntree Smart Aces81
Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips @ ATC The Fair Ladies82
Prestonwood N2-Win @ Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs36
Greenhill Alley Gators @ McKinney #lovetennis45
Date: 02/28/19
ATC The Fair Ladies @ Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters81
Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs @ Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips64
McKinney #lovetennis @ Prestonwood N2-Win44
Greenhill Alley Gators @ McKinney Mid-Court Crisis63
Thorntree Smart Aces @ Seay Seaying Double36
Date: 02/21/19
Prestonwood N2-Win @ Greenhill Alley Gators18
Oakmont Inter-Continental Grips @ McKinney #lovetennis74
McKinney Mid-Court Crisis @ Thorntree Smart Aces82
Seay Seaying Double @ ATC The Fair Ladies56
Royal Oaks Twisted Sisters @ Royal Oaks Royal Tennis Bombs18