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TCD Team Talk - Best Practices
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TCD Team Talk - Best Practices

TCD Team Talk - Best Practices

If you have specific words of wisdom that could help new captains, or teams needing some advice, please share that with us here!  Here is our collection to-date:

Tennis Competitors of Dallasname: Steve Franklin SFTS Tennis

team: JPII

bestpractice: Don’t always assume that you can bring your Pro to an away site for warm up. Some clubs do not allow it at all due to insurance purposes, but most will with advance notice and as long as your team is using a club Pro and not a park Pro.

benefit: They are allowed to warm up with their  Pro like the home team.
Tennis Competitors of Dallasname: Jane Schrick

team: Stonebridge Beach/Tennis Aces

bestpractice: One of the things our team did long ago was set the expectation that all full time players take a turn at being co-captain for two consecutive seasons, followed by a turn at being captain for two consecutive seasons. We made sure that either the captain or co-captain was experienced with playing in TCD with a good understanding of all of the TCD rules.

The benefit of this- it makes all of the players appreciate and supportive of captain/co-captain's decisions regarding line-ups, what line they have players on, dealing with rain reschedules, and those sorts of things.  It created a great deal of mutual respect among teammates - no second guessing people, because they have a clear understanding that the captains/co-captains are doing the best they can!

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